Musical Instruments

Our outdoor musical instruments at Free Range Designs include a range of expertly hand crafted wooden instruments that are ideal for educational use in schools. We have over a decade of experience making bespoke furniture from reclaimed and environmentally sustainable materials. Please get in touch with any enquiries.

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  • Large Oak Outdoor Wooden Xylophone

    This is a large outdoor xylophone, handmade in Wales with local, sustainably sourced oak, that will guarantee a durable, tuneful musical instrument in the great outdoors, no matter how harsh the weather.

    Outdoor wooden xylophones are a great way of bringing children - and adults - together, to create their own rhythms and melodies in the outdoor setting of your choice, irrespective of age or ability. Whether in your school playground, outdoor education site, sensory woodland garden or community garden, you can use a wooden xylophone to bring the joy of music making to all. 

    With hand beautifully detailed, hand carved, uprights and matching sound sticks, this xylophone is a musical instrument to satisfy all the senses.


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  • Outdoor Log Drum

    These outdoor log drums are a beautiful fusion of music and sculpture.

    Carved by hand in our workshop in Wales, these stunning sound posts will make a great impression in your school playground or outdoor learning zone. 

    The drums are designed to be both resonant and extremely strong, so they will withstand even the most ethusiastic of drummers.

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  • Outdoor Tubular Bells

    These tubular bells are tuned to a pentatonic scale, which means however you play them they sound fantastic, they have a rather Oriental sound. The frame is made from Western red cedar, which is a timber of excellent outdoor durability. They are hand made in our workshop.

    Chimes; Details.

    Dimensions; 1.5m high x .86m wide. Frame; .1m x .1m western red cedar (FSC accredited source).

    Tubular bells; 51mm diameter x 2mm wall thickness aluminium.

    Cable; 3mm stainless steel.

    Base; Details. Powder coated steel.

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  • Pots & Pans

    This is a genuine instrument which can be used to create a huge range of sounds. It is hand made in our workshop. Every instrument is unique, all the pots & pans are recycled and are chosen for their musical qualities, each item is then attached to the frame in a way that has minimum interference with resonance.

    Each kit is bespoke made to suit height and age of users Product details The metal frame is electro plated & powder coated for maximum outside durability (available in a choice of colours). All visible fixings stainless steel. Each drum kit comes with a beater holder attached to the metal frame. Site & installation

    The pots & pans drum kit is designed to have its base buried and set in concrete (please enquire about a free standing version of the drum kit.

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  • Mobile instrument

    This instrument contains tuned aluminium and plastic chimes and an assortment of reclaimed objects with interesting percussive qualities. For ease of transport it separates into 2 manageable parts. The instrument is 1.5m high and 1.2m wide.

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  • Mechanical Drum Machine

    You spin the cylinder with your hand and as it rotates a beat is played the rhythm depends how fast you spin it and what direction it’s spun in and whether it spins at a constant speed, or not. A combination of levers and percussive objects inside the reclaimed washing machine cylinder make the sound.

    The drum machine is; H.1100, D.600, W.900

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  • Loudhailer

    Made from stainless steel, the loudhailer is cleverly balanced and mounted to allow side to side and up and down swivel with ease. The mechanism incorporates stops which remove danger of finger traps and full 360 degree rotation.

    The loudhailer is; H.1350, D.600, W.600


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