Dual Composting Toilet and Shower Unit

Our latest design for outdoor toilet and shower facilities: a two-in-one unit for campers, glampers and all outdoor shower lovers!

The dual unit is a variation on our popular Shower and Composting Toilet Unit, this time combining the shower and toilet in one internal area. A single door leads to a light and open space within, comprising the compost toilet on one side, shower on the other, and a changing area in between.

Ideal for campsites, eco-reatreats, and anyone looking to provide envrionmetally-friendly toilet and washing facilities that require no electricity, all housed in an attractive, low-impact building.

We have just realeased a set of plans on how to make your our compost toilet and shower unit. Click here for more information

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Product Description


Environmentally friendly outdoor shower and toilet facilities

This 2-in-1 compost toilet and shower building is made from locally sourced Douglas fir and clad in vertical cedar boards. The roof is clear so that guests have as much light inside as possible. Depending on your location, the shower can also be made with a window on the side, to provide a view of the outdoor surroundings.

The compost toilet comes complete with everything you need to start using it straight away, including two wheelie bins and a urine collection container (unless you will be piping the urine to a soakaway).

The shower comes with shower tray and splash panels and has been designed for the shower mixer and water heater to be plumbed in easily by a local registered plumber. Due to the regulation of gas installations we do not supply any of our showers with gas heaters or shower mixers.

For our own systems we have used the Morco Gas Heater or the Bosch Gas heater

For the more adventurous campers, an alternative to the gas powered shower is using a wood fired donkey boiler. We have designed one of these for our own use and would be happy to share our designs with you. 

Please get in touch to discuss your project ideas.


Width - 240cm  Depth - 100cm  Height - 250cm



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