What is the perfect container for compost toilets?


If we were to hire 10 designers, two scientists and throw a bunch of money at them and ask them to research and design a perfect recepticle to hold humanure that was rodent proof, leak proof, easy to move, easy to empty, cheap and easy to clean. Then after 2 years and a overextended budget they would come back to us with this. 




Rodent proof, leak proof, easy to move, easy to empty, easy to clean and cheap. 


Luckily we've seen the potential of this system before spending all the money and have gone with this system.


Ok so to the people who are less easily convinced.


Let me ask you this : How easy is it to empty any of the alternative compost toilet receptacles. Lets face it, this is the most unpleasant part of the compost toilet, dealing with the shit. Go through all the different options and have a think about that before you commit. Is the holding tank underground, if so how easy do you think it will be to empty from above ground. 

If about the ground how big is the hatch. Remember at the end of the day somebody is going to have to get in there with a spade. How easy will this be.


Think about the compost process as a complete circle. All along the way you want it easy and simple. 


Simplicity is the Key


For all eternity we have used waterless toilets. Only in the last 50 years have the flush toilets been in operation. In all that time we have had to deal with out own shit


Modern man has a tendency to overcomplicate the basic. Most of the times this happens as there is product that can be sold.


Ask yourself: How many moving parts are there to go wrong. trust me you do not want to take apart a compost toilet unit and start fiddling about with replacing parts.


The more parts the more that can go wrong. Remember this is a really simple process that has been happening for millennium. This is not a modern problem.


If there are chambers that have been fabricated then think about how much these have cost compared to a wheelie bin that costs £60


simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways


Don't believe the hype.












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