bespoke compost toilets

All our composting toilet designs have been driven by requests from clients. Can you build a small compost toilet? Can you build a smaller, lightweight compost toilet that can be carried by two people? Can you design a compost toilet that meets disbled access regulations? Can you build a compost toilet with wheels?

We love building bespoke compost toilets - it gives us a chance to break the mold again and redesign the toilet. 


Some of the ideas we would like to pursue are :

Composting Toilets for Hire : We are waiting for an opportunity to design compost toilet blocks to be used at festivals and large scale events. We all know how terrible toilets can be at festivals and would love to change this by designing compost toilets that can be easily assembled and disassembled and moved from one festival to another. Let us know if you would be interested in hiring our compost toilets.

Twin Chamber Compost Toilets : We have a great idea for a twin chamber compost toilet but need a guinea pig to design the first prototype for. Let us know if it could be you... 

Tree Bogs : Tree bogs are the ultimate composting toilet solutions. Any of our designs can be modified to be tree bogs. We are looking for a client who would like this solution implemented on their site. Let us know if it might be you.

Compost Toilet and Shower Cubicle : There has been a lot of interest in a dual compost toilet and shower cubicle suitable for camp sites. So far, we have not actually had a commission for one, but we are waiting for the right client to come along and give us the go ahead. Could this be what you are looking for?


Do you have a compost toilet design that you would like us to build ?
Get in touch, we are more than happy to build bespoke.