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  • Quirky Quality

    Nowadays, it can be incredibly difficult to find unique, hand-crafted furniture that will give your home a wonderful, whimsical design that’s full of character.

    However, here at Free Range Designs we specialise in providing special, handmade and sustainable furniture that gives you the quality and style that you deserve.

    Handcrafted Beds

    hobbit bed

    If you want something different from the lifeless, mass-produced beds you will find in furniture stores, our handmade wooden beds are for you. Our beds are made from reclaimed wood and driftwood, and will fill your home with the character you desire. By choosing a high quality, handmade wooden bed, you are choosing an eco-friendly option that gives you full control of how your room will look.

    Handmade Tables

    Picnic Bench 2

    Our reclaimed wooden tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions. Whether you need something for the side of your bed, a dining table or even a chess table, we’ve got something to suit you. Our tables are far more than just something to put things on or store things in, they will allow you to develop an interior design for your home that is completely unique to you.

    Storytelling Chairs


    Whether you use them in a nursery, your garden or your living room, our storytelling chairs help to bring your stories to life. These chairs will transform your home into something that could be out of a story book, and allow you to relax in your individual, handcrafted home that simply can’t be replicated by any magazine or showroom.

    Garden Benches

    oak garden bench

    Quirky, quality home design does not have to be restricted by what’s inside of your home – your garden can become a fairytale wonderland with our garden benches. Handcrafted from environmentally sustainable materials, our benches allow you to create a romantic, individual setting to relax, unwind and enjoy the wonder of nature.

    Wall Hangings


    Nothing finishes off a quirky, individual home design like our handmade wall hangings. Lovingly handcrafted, our wall hangings range from mirrors to dreamcatchers, and will provide the perfect finishing touches to your home.

    Our handmade furniture can help you breathe some life back into your home, creating a space full of individuality and creativity. Explore our website today to see our full range of lovingly handcrafted furniture, or contact us by calling 077 594 39658 for more information.

  • In Touch With Nature

    Right now, one of the most popular interior design concepts is the ideal of a natural, clean and holistic home, filled with and inspired by nature.

    This design concept takes inspiration from fairytales and storybooks, and draws on a basic colour palette and the use of natural materials. At Free Range Designs, we love helping you to create the home of your dreams, so here are some suggestions of things you can do to make your home in touch with nature.

     hobbit table

    Colour Scheme

    For a tranquil, nature-inspired interior design, it’s a good idea to use a basic natural palette for your colour scheme, in order to make sure all of the elements tie in well together. For instance using gentle greys, whites and blues for base wall colours, with touches of charcoal black.

    For soft furnishings and accents, take inspiration from all you would see out in the open and combine this with your personal tastes. Colours such as yellow, green, light brown, pastel pink and floral shades will all work well to accomplish this theme.

     hobbit bed


    When furnishing your home with a theme of nature in mind, it is important that wherever possible you use natural materials, particularly wood. This will work to complement the fairytale-inspired, holistic look and create a pleasing, comfortable environment to live in.

    Introducing furniture that enhances the feeling of whimsy and quirkiness will also help to accomplish this look, as well as creating focal points for your rooms. Pieces such as driftwood beds, handmade dining tables and bespoke seating that retain the natural curves and character of the wood used to make them will all contribute to a truly natural feeling home.



    Accents and accessories are the finishing touches to any home or interior design, and choosing the right accent pieces will help you to perfectly complete your nature-inspired spaces.

    Handmade items made from ethically sourced and natural materials, such as driftwood hearts, driftwood mirrors and dream-catchers, will all enhance your fairytale design, whilst also matching your furniture. These natural wall hangings will help you to complete your home and turn it into a place where you can relax, unwind and be at one with nature.

    Explore our website for ideas on how you could bring your home in touch with nature, or contact us, to discuss your ideas, tel: 077 594 39658.

  • New Viking Chair for Forestry Commission

    Here are some photos of the carved viking chairs that have just been sent off to go live in a forest in Nottingham. Made from solid oak, these chairs are extremely chunky and hardwearing. They could be used as a school storytelling area or equally as handmade wooden wedding thrones. Here are more photos of the giant viking storytelling chairs 

    viking-chairs hand-carved-viking-chair carved-throne wedding thrones viking-storytelling-chair_12

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