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  • Circular Bench for School

    circular bench
  • Shepherd's Hut

    Our first Shepherd's Hut has now got a roof, doors and windows and is fully insulated inside. The next phase is to kit out the inside with a double bed platform, wood burner and kitchenette.

    To maximise on the space available, we will be taking inspiration from the many beautiful towable homes we have seen, both classical Bow Top Gypsy Caravans and the more modern Tiny House movement homes.

    The camping season is nearly here and Shepherd's Huts are becoming an ever-more popular choice with holiday makers looking for an alternative, back-to-nature holiday experience.

    And of course, every Shepherd's hut needs its own Gypsy Caravan composting toilet ...


    shepards hut
  • Rustic Oak Four Poster Beds

    Off they go....the latest four poster oak beds head out of the workshop, one to a little boy's bedroom in Cheshire and the other to a couple's bedroom in Surrey.

    Each bed is built bespoke and totally unique : one to be fully dismantalable in order to get it up some tight stairs, and the other with 7ft high posts!

    "Hi Susan, the bed is fantastic, thank you. We are delighted with it! Will send photos shortly." Tom, Surrey.

    Have a look at more of our handmade wooden beds here.

    oak-double-bed oak-kingsize-bed
  • Composting Toilets in High Places

    Wow, I've just come back from visiting my friends Peter Canham and Mark Bond who run the living tree-houses in Mid-Wales.

    Totally inspiring tree houses in the beautiful Welsh countryside!

    The tree houses are amazing robust structures perched in some very beautiful oak forests. Typically, I climbed up and immediately started inspecting the toilets! The views from their compost toilets are incredible. The toilets are housed separately from the main buildings in a little outhouse. Urine is separated from the solids using our urine separator and then it is piped into a soak away in the forest floor. The solids are collected in a 240 litre wheelie bin, sometimes 20 meters up in the tree and then once every 6 months they are lowered down in a very very careful fashion, where they are emptied into a standard composting bin to break down into useful manure.

    Well done guys!

    living-room-treehouse compost-toilet-treehouse living-room-tree-house treehouse-compost-toiletliving-room-tree-house_4 tree-house-interior
  • Stylish Oak Bedside Cabinets

    Made from 100% oak these stylish little bedside tables come with drawers and a cupboard, for hiding away all the clutter that can sometimes surround your bed. We started making rustic oak beds 15 years ago and over the years have designed various bedside cabinets to match.

    These little oak bedside cabinets are going to a client with a four poster bed and custom built wardrobe to match. We will send photos of the full set shortly. You can find the bed side cabinets here on our website.

    oak-bedside-cabinets oak bedside table with drawers rustic-oak-bedside-cabinets
  • The Africa Connection: Part 1

    We first started making furniture with our brothers in South Africa many moons ago, before coming over the UK and setting up the business here. After more than a decade away from home, the sister business to Free Range Designs is now up and running again in South Africa, where there is a growing interest in bespoke, eco-conscious furniture.

    We recently went over to sunny S.A. to see how the business there is developing and have got many photos and stories to share. Here are some pics of the furniture at Granny Greeba's house, where a great selection of pieces are prototyped, stored, and in transit to destinations across the country, from outdoor wine tables to giant thrones and kiddie chairs.

    The SA website is live! Click here to see Sylvantutch South Africa.

    Look out for Part 2, where we'll visit the Sylvantutch workshop deep in the forest!

    Wine table  Wine Table     Kiddies chairs

    Outdoor wooden garden throne Rustic side table dining room chair side table rustic beech bed
  • Compost Toilet Box for Boats

    Compact, stylish, well-built and fully-functional, this compost toilet box is really popular with our customers, both land and water based!

    "Hello. I received my box yesterday. I have to say it really is fantastic. It was well worth the wait. Without going into details, I cannot wait to rest my bare bottom upon it! Well done, I hope more people invest in a composting toilet. Thank you again, I'm over the moon x", Sarah, Yorkshire

    Our compost toilet boxes are perfect for use on narrow boats, barges, caravans and camper homes.  

    compost-toilet-box-for-boat compost toilet for boatnarrow-boar-compost-toilet
  • Royal Hand Carved Storytelling Chair

    Roll out the red carpet and take a seat in a royal throne...


    This beautiful chair was commissioned by St Donat's Nursery, Atlantic College in the Vale of Glamorgan. Carved from locally-sourced douglas fir, it has fantastic natural outdoor durability and will withstand even the wildest Welsh weather.  Also available in oak. See our full range of storytelling chairs here. 

  • Storytelling Chairs for the Home

    Our storytelling chairs are just as comfortable in your living room by the fire as they are in the classroom or under the trees in the school playground.

    Here is one chair that was made before Christmas for a customer up in Scotland that feels very much at home by the cosy winter stove.

    "Hi folks, My chair is warm and happy with a nice sheepskin by the stove :-) Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for my lovely chair, Rhona"

    See our full range of storytelling chairs here.

    Fireside Storytelling Chair

    Fireside Storytelling Chair Fireside Storytelling Chair




    Fireside Storytelling Chair
  • End of a busy Year

    2015 was a busy year for us at Free Range Designs. Here is one of the last commissions we made before the year ended. Thanks for all you support  and roll on 2016

    wooden chaise longue chaise longue

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