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  • The Africa Connection: Part 1

    We first started making furniture with our brothers in South Africa many moons ago, before coming over the UK and setting up the business here. After more than a decade away from home, the sister business to Free Range Designs is now up and running again in South Africa, where there is a growing interest in bespoke, eco-conscious furniture.

    We recently went over to sunny S.A. to see how the business there is developing and have got many photos and stories to share. Here are some pics of the furniture at Granny Greeba's house, where a great selection of pieces are prototyped, stored, and in transit to destinations across the country, from outdoor wine tables to giant thrones and kiddie chairs.

    The SA website is live! Click here to see Sylvantutch South Africa.

    Look out for Part 2, where we'll visit the Sylvantutch workshop deep in the forest!

    Wine table  Wine Table     Kiddies chairs

    Outdoor wooden garden throne Rustic side table dining room chair side table rustic beech bed
  • Compost Toilet Box for Boats

    Compact, stylish, well-built and fully-functional, this compost toilet box is really popular with our customers, both land and water based!

    "Hello. I received my box yesterday. I have to say it really is fantastic. It was well worth the wait. Without going into details, I cannot wait to rest my bare bottom upon it! Well done, I hope more people invest in a composting toilet. Thank you again, I'm over the moon x", Sarah, Yorkshire

    Our compost toilet boxes are perfect for use on narrow boats, barges, caravans and camper homes.  

    compost-toilet-box-for-boat compost toilet for boatnarrow-boar-compost-toilet
  • Royal Hand Carved Storytelling Chair

    Roll out the red carpet and take a seat in a royal throne...


    This beautiful chair was commissioned by St Donat's Nursery, Atlantic College in the Vale of Glamorgan. Carved from locally-sourced douglas fir, it has fantastic natural outdoor durability and will withstand even the wildest Welsh weather.  Also available in oak. See our full range of storytelling chairs here. 

  • Storytelling Chairs for the Home

    Our storytelling chairs are just as comfortable in your living room by the fire as they are in the classroom or under the trees in the school playground.

    Here is one chair that was made before Christmas for a customer up in Scotland that feels very much at home by the cosy winter stove.

    "Hi folks, My chair is warm and happy with a nice sheepskin by the stove :-) Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for my lovely chair, Rhona"

    See our full range of storytelling chairs here.

    Fireside Storytelling Chair

    Fireside Storytelling Chair Fireside Storytelling Chair




    Fireside Storytelling Chair
  • End of a busy Year

    2015 was a busy year for us at Free Range Designs. Here is one of the last commissions we made before the year ended. Thanks for all you support  and roll on 2016

    wooden chaise longue chaise longue
  • Stripy Driftwood Bed

    Here are a couple of pictures just in from a customer who ordered a Stripy Driftwood Bed frame, and loves it!

    "Hi Suzanne, The  bed was delivered thanks, both the delivery driver and the visitor we had at the time were most impressed with it, as are we. It went together easily and looks fantastic.

    Thanks again, Pete."

    You can see the full range of our handmade beds here.

    Handmade Driftwood Bed


      Driftwood Headboard

  • New Driftwood Bed

    Pictured here is an A-frame driftwood bed built for a very happy customer in Scotland, made using driftwood collected along the west Wales coastline.

    Many of the designs pictured on our website have been customer driven, and we are always happy when a client asks for a completely original design.

    Ordering a custom-made, hand crafted bed is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the exact bed you have always dreamed of, and an opportunity for us to make a new design to add to our portfolio.

    "Good evening Suzanne,

    The bed arrived on Friday afternoon without any issues. We are both very pleased with the bed and it looks fantastic in our room.  I hope you have plenty of photos and use them on your webpage and we will certainly be telling others about your work. Thanks again, Ally"

    Check out the full range of our beds here, or Contact Us with your own design ideas.

    driftwood bed rustic bed handmade wooden bed
  • Giant Driftwood Mirrors

    Here are some photos of the largest driftwood mirror frames we have ever made, measuring 1.7m x 1.4m, that have been sent off to a swanky wine bar in Basildon.

    Made from individually selected pieces of driftwood collected along our local west Wales coastline, theses  mirror frames are both intricate and strong, and make for a stunning frame around any backdrop!

    Check out more of our driftwood pieces here.


    giant driftwood mirror2driftwood mirror frame giant driftwood mirror
  • Eleven Santa Thrones

    Seats for eleven Santas ...

    Here are eleven storytelling chairs that have just gone out to a client who ordered them as Santa Thrones for Christmas. They are each engraved with "Once upon a time..." and will  be used in different contexts throughout the rest of the year.

    See our full range of storytelling chairs here.

    santa chairs santas little helpers
  • Compost toilet for Graig Wen campsite

    I've just come back from Graig Wen campsite in Snowdonia and took this photo of there lovely composting toilet that I helped build with Jenny Hall. It is nice to go back to a wooden building more than ten years after completion and see it has aged quite well. This composting toilet was built using traditional oak framed techniques and has a lovely turf roof.

    You can visit our full range of compost toilets for campsites here at our main website Compost toilet for camping

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