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  • Photos of Driftwood Bunk Bed for Guest House

    driftwood furnituredriftwood headboardWe are always fascinated to see where our beds end up after leaving the workshop.

    Here are some photos from a customer who commissioned a full set of our driftwood beds for their beach holiday house at Beadnell in Northumberland.

    In the kids' bedroom there is a set of Wooden Driftwood Bunkbeds ; and in Bedrooms 1 and 2 there are two examples of our Beech Driftwood Bed.

    "We are thrilled with the bunk & also the king sized driftwood beds. Beautiful markings on the reclaimed timber, suiting our beach house perfectly "

    Being a commercial Holiday Home, it was important that the bunk beds conformed to Health & Safety legislation, with the exact positioning of the ladder rungs and safety side pieces, whilst losing none of the natural charm of the driftwood.

    All our furniture is made to order and we welcome bespoke requests. Please Contact Us to discuss your individual projects.

    driftwood bunkbeds

    You can see more photos of the beds in situ here: Northumberland Holiday Home called Sand Dancer.

  • Owl Bench and Ring Seating for School Woodland Garden

    Here are a couple of photographs we have just received from Exeter Cathedral School who commissioned an Owl Garden Bench from us along with the Storytelling Ring Seating for their new school woodland garden project.

    "Good afternoon Suzanne

    I’ve attached some photographs of the chair and ring to show you how beautiful they look in our woodland garden!

    The children are enjoying them immensely.  All we need now is better weather!

    Many thanks and best wishes


    Andrea Jellard, Exeter Cathedral School

    Our outdoor school playground furniture is built either from oak or douglas fir / larch, which are both know for their natural outdoor durability and will withstand even the toughest of UK weather.

    Beautiful eye catching storytelling furniture will enhance the outdoor learning experience of pupils and provide an inspiring environment in which to learn, and to teach!


    school ring seatingplayground ring seating
  • Owl Storytelling Chair

    A wise old owl lived in an oak

    The more he saw the less he spoke

    The less he spoke the more he heard

    Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?

    Animals are an intrinsic part of storytelling and the wise old owl has long been an emblem for knowledge and reading. The Owl Reading Chair is the latest addition to our range of storytelling chairs, featuring a beautiful hand carved owl perching in an oak tree, the perfect back drop to school storytelling sessions.

    Capture children's imaginations with an eye catching centre piece for group reading sessions and instil a love of books and reading from an early age.

    This chair was commissioned by Victoria Primary School in the Vale of Glamorgan with matching Storytelling Log Seats. 

    Also check out the Owl Reading Bench, with two carved owls deep in council.

    oak owl story chair
  • Custom-made Wooden Furniture Set

    Here are some lovely photos we've received from a very happy client who we made a whole set of custom-made furniture for. Rosie initially commissioned the dramatic Flame Bed, Bedside Tables and Rustic Chest of Drawers for her bedroom, and then came back for a matching set of wooden Coffee Tables for her living room.


    "Hello Suzanne. It all looks wonderful so I must say a huge thanks for making all the furniture so beautiful for us. We are moving hopefully on the 18th and I'm sure they will make our new house look amazing. I may be looking for other pieces later!"

    Thanks again


    We love making bespoke furniture and many of our designs have evolved from customers asking for new variations on an existing product - elements of one piece combined with another; a specific size for an unusual space; a fantasy project made real.

    Let us know your ideas, however quirky - we can normally find a way to make it happen!

  • The Story of the Rabbit and the Chair

    rabbit reading chairBeatrix Potter published The Tale of Peter Rabbit on 16 December 1901.  Over one hundred years later the book is a children’s classic and Peter Rabbit one of the most famous bunnies in literature. She was right to suspect she was on to something good.

    This got us thinking about the remarkable popularity of hare and rabbit characters in fiction and their ability to burrow their way into the heart of literary classics. In honour of the anniversary of Beatrix Potter creating a rabbit icon, we’ve made rabbit chair for reading rabiit stories.

    Here are some of the ones that hopped off the page that you could read to kids on our new rabbit reading chair

    1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter

    2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

    3. Miffy , Dick Bruna

    4. I Want My Hat Back, Jon Klassen

    5. The Tortoise and the Hare, Aesop’s Fables

    6. Watership Down, Richard Adams

    7. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

    8. Winnie-the-Pooh, A.A. Milne

    9. We3, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

    10. Captain Bucky O’Hare, Larry Hama and Michael Golden


    rabbit reading chair
  • Owl Bench for School Playground

    owl friendship bench_2 friendship benchWe are please to release a brand new friendship bench from our workshop. The owl friendship bench was made for a school playground which liked our single owl storytelling chair but wanted a two person version. Made from 100% British oak this garden bench is designed to sit outside year in year out.

    Have a look at more of our friendship benches here

    owl oak school friendship bench owl garden bench
  • Peak Compost Toilet Season

    If ever there was a peak compost toilet season this would be it. We have been very busy over the last two months finishing some of our wooden compost toilets off for clients that include schools, campsites, fishing lakes and forest schools.

    Here are some of the photos of the compost toilet in there final resting places.

  • Compost Toilet for Campsite

    Here is an example of a compost loo that has been built using our plans to build your own compost toilet. The toilet is based around our wheelie bin method and is going to be installed at a campsite without water or electricity in South Africa. We love the lovely touches on the door. Have a look at more of our plans to build your own compost toilet here. campsite toilet

  • Stunning new four poster bed finds its home in Edinburgh

    Another happy customer, another stunning super king size four poster bed.

    Have a look at some of our other  handmade wooden beds

    four poster super king size bed
  • Best Beds of 2016 Calendar

    Which month is your favourite?

    From the majestic elegance of bespoke wedding beds, to the natural simplicity of oak four posters, here is our pick of the best beds from 2016, with one for each month. Which one would you choose?


    Whether your favourite is March's Beech Driftwood Bed, November's Rustic Oak Four Poster Tree Bed, or the fiery Flame Bed of August,  you can transform your bedroom and get a great night's sleep in a bed made especially to suit your space,  and experience the luxury of sleeping in comfort and style all year round.

    We offer a huge variety of original and unique beds to compliment any interior design style; from traditional to contemporary, rustic to elaborate, we have beds that suit all bedroom décors.

    See the full range of our beds here.

    It has long been recognised that getting a good night's sleep is a vital part of a healthy life, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

    Blow away the January blues, perk up your February mornings and greet the spring sunshine from the unique bed of your choice. Whatever the time of year, you can relax, wake up and benefit from the most comfortable sleep you have ever enjoyed in your very own delicately crafted handmade wooden bed.

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