Some of our Creations

  • Compost Toilet for Community Garden

    This summer we went down to the Green Backyard community gardens in Peterborough to install a disabled compost toilet for them. The Green Backyard is a vibrant community growing project in the heart of Peterborough. They have transformed this once derelict former allotment site into a beautiful and productive community garden that is open to everyone.

    As we are both passionate about sustainability and the need to raise awareness of environmental issues, this installation of a disabled compost toilet was a meeting of minds. Making  and installing compost toilets for gardeners is the perfect way to close the loop and return the goodness back to the garden.

    Our main website has more details about our disabled access compost toilet here and standard compost toilets here.

    disabled compost loo disabled compost toilet in garden community garden compost loo disabled access compost toilet
  • Long Time no Post

    Its been a wonderful hot summer here in sunny Wales. Way to hot to even think about sitting down to write a blog. Luckily things have changed somewhat and it is now cool enough to sit inside and give you some photo of what has happened. Roll on winter for some serious non stop blogging :-)

  • Fairy Houses and Archway for Magical Forest

    If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise….

    Because this is where you will find Fairy Treehouse perched in four lofty sycamores, the first glimpse of the house is through the pines, rowans and elderberries, the sun glinting off the roof tiles. It appears to grow out of the trees with the sycamores bursting right through village of fairies.

    The Fairy houses were part of an installation for Studfold Farm in Yorkshire.  We also made the lovely fairy archway for the entrance to the riverside woodland walk.

    More fairy houses on our webpage.....

    fairy tree houses fairy arch fairy houses
  • Welsh Reclaimed Oak Bed

    Here are some photos of our latest chunky oak bed, made from carefully selected, locally sourced oak, bringing a bit of the Welsh woodland into the bedroom.

    Our solid oak bed frames are designed and crafted to ensure durability, strength and a beautiful unique look. No matter where you live, you can achieve a stunning rustic look in your bedroom and know that you are sleeping in a one-of-a-kind bed. The nature of the hand picked wood we use means that no two of our wooden beds are ever the same.

    Having a bed handcrafted just for you means that you can specify the exact size, colour and style that will work best for your individual situation, including bespoke features to suit your personal tastes.

    Contact Us with ideas for your dream bed and we can turn them into a reality!

    handmade oak bed handmade wooden bed dog on oak bed
  • Handcrafted solid wood four poster bed

    Here is a client's photograph of the four solid oak poster bed that went out before Christmas. Looking to rural Wales for its inspiration, the four-poster oak is a big bed, but not too weighty to dominate a medium bedroom. And, like all Free Range beds, it’s been completely handcrafted from scratch using the same time-honoured techniques we’ve been using for well over 20 years.

    We design your bed, craft your bed, put it together and spend hours lovingly finishing your bed before thoroughly checking every detail. Here is Johns testimonial.


    Hi Guys,

    "Attached is a photo of the bed - the rest of the furniture is being replaced in the room and the decorating starting later in the month but already the bed is the centerpiece of the room: it is really fantastic. "

    Thanks John

    View more from our collection of handcrafted solid wood four poster beds which are available up to 8ft wide.

    Oak four poster bed
  • Memorial Benches and Chairs

    Remember a special child or teacher with a beautiful handcrafted wooden storytelling chair or bench. A bench or chair in a quiet spot in your school, garden or park provides an ideal place for reflection and contemplation.

    Here are some examples of memorial seats we have made for schools and individuals in the past, made bespoke to order in our workshop in Wales from locally sourced Welsh oak, Douglas fir and Larch.

    Built with traditional carpentry techniques and designed to be hardwearing in the outdoors, our chairs and benches provide a lasting memory and celebration of the people you love, to be enjoyed for generations to come.

    Select your own wording to be carved into the memorial seat free of charge, or engrave your message onto a metal plaque.

    "Dear Suzanne and Paul

    Please can I just say thank you so much for the benches, they are beautiful. We have had so many comments today summed up by one child calling them awesome!!

    You are invited anytime to St Mary's, I know the children would love to meet you so if you are ever near us let me know. They would be really interested in what you do - you are really talented.

    Thank you


    Mrs Lisa Lee, St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Crewe 2017


  • Dry Eco-Loo for Glampsite

    Here are some photos of the bog standard compost toilet in the Westcote Glampsite. All of our toilets are easy to install and maintain and are an easy way to turn a beautiful field into a profitable glamping pitch.  Click here for more compost toilets from Free Range Designsglamping eco-loo eco-loo

  • Photos of Driftwood Bunk Bed for Guest House

    driftwood furnituredriftwood headboardWe are always fascinated to see where our beds end up after leaving the workshop.

    Here are some photos from a customer who commissioned a full set of our driftwood beds for their beach holiday house at Beadnell in Northumberland.

    In the kids' bedroom there is a set of Wooden Driftwood Bunkbeds ; and in Bedrooms 1 and 2 there are two examples of our Beech Driftwood Bed.

    "We are thrilled with the bunk & also the king sized driftwood beds. Beautiful markings on the reclaimed timber, suiting our beach house perfectly "

    Being a commercial Holiday Home, it was important that the bunk beds conformed to Health & Safety legislation, with the exact positioning of the ladder rungs and safety side pieces, whilst losing none of the natural charm of the driftwood.

    All our furniture is made to order and we welcome bespoke requests. Please Contact Us to discuss your individual projects.

    driftwood bunkbeds

    You can see more photos of the beds in situ here: Northumberland Holiday Home called Sand Dancer.

  • Owl Bench and Ring Seating for School Woodland Garden

    Here are a couple of photographs we have just received from Exeter Cathedral School who commissioned an Owl Garden Bench from us along with the Storytelling Ring Seating for their new school woodland garden project.

    "Good afternoon Suzanne

    I’ve attached some photographs of the chair and ring to show you how beautiful they look in our woodland garden!

    The children are enjoying them immensely.  All we need now is better weather!

    Many thanks and best wishes


    Andrea Jellard, Exeter Cathedral School

    Our outdoor school playground furniture is built either from oak or douglas fir / larch, which are both know for their natural outdoor durability and will withstand even the toughest of UK weather.

    Beautiful eye catching storytelling furniture will enhance the outdoor learning experience of pupils and provide an inspiring environment in which to learn, and to teach!


    school ring seatingplayground ring seating
  • Owl Storytelling Chair

    A wise old owl lived in an oak

    The more he saw the less he spoke

    The less he spoke the more he heard

    Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?

    Animals are an intrinsic part of storytelling and the wise old owl has long been an emblem for knowledge and reading. The Owl Reading Chair is the latest addition to our range of storytelling chairs, featuring a beautiful hand carved owl perching in an oak tree, the perfect back drop to school storytelling sessions.

    Capture children's imaginations with an eye catching centre piece for group reading sessions and instil a love of books and reading from an early age.

    This chair was commissioned by Victoria Primary School in the Vale of Glamorgan with matching Storytelling Log Seats. 

    Also check out the Owl Reading Bench, with two carved owls deep in council.

    oak owl story chair

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