Some of our Creations

  • Driftwood beds come in all shapes and sizes!

    The first driftwood bed I ever made was meant to be for my wife and me. It was built in time for our wedding day but never installed in our bedroom because some friends pointed out that, with us soon expecting a baby, a double bed would not be big enough. So we bought a king size mattress and the double driftwood bed frame was sold to someone else. (My wife and I are still sleeping on a make shift bed base hurriedly knocked together in time for the new mattress and new baby …)

    We then started to get orders for king size and super king size driftwood bed frames, from families larger than ours, and so the design of the beds was modified and adapted accordingly. Many of our new designs are driven by customer requests for personal variations on existing products, and nowhere more so than with our driftwood beds. We’ve received requests for beds to be of a specific height to fit in an enclosed space or for the wood used to make the bed to be of a certain colour to match existing bedroom furniture. Most recently we had an order from a couple wanting a new bed for every member of their family, and so came the first single driftwood bed frame and first set of driftwood bunk beds! We are always keen to build new designs so don’t hesitate to contact us with your dream bed idea.
    Here are the Driftwood Beds made from 2010-2011...
    rustic-driftwood-beds rustic-driftwood-beds_2 rustic-driftwood-beds_3 rustic-driftwood-beds_4 rustic-driftwood-beds_5 rustic-driftwood-beds_6 rustic-driftwood-beds_7 rustic-driftwood-beds_8 rustic-driftwood-beds_9 rustic-driftwood-beds_10 rustic-driftwood-beds_11
  • New on-line shop!

    Freerangedesigns.co.uk started out in January 2010 with an on-line gallery and shop that was a great launch pad for our products and served us well. A year on, however, we decided to invest in our website to make it more customer friendly, with easier site navigation facilities, additional product information and a wider number of secure payment options, including Paypal and Google Checkout. The new website went live on 7th March 2011, and it’s now easier than ever to browse and buy the driftwood bed, storytelling chair or slate dining room table you have been dreaming of.

    We welcome your feedback on the new site. Please let us know if you encounter any problems and we’ll iron them out as quickly as we can. We hope you enjoy the new site!

  • Spring is in the Air

    Spring is definitely in the air, daffodils, blue skies and well not quite ash leaves but we are getting there...
    Here is a driftwood heart mirror made for the Peace Children's Centre in Watford. Roll on summer!!!
     driftwood-heart-mirror driftwood-heart-mirror_2  driftwood-heart-mirror_4
  • Looking for driftwood bed bits

    Ah at last a sunny day, time to get the canoe out and go in search for driftwood caches. Driftwood is a funny thing, it collects the strangest places. No better way to go collecting than by a wooden canoe.  Roll on summer.
    Photo0026 Photo0027 Photo0029 Photo0033


  • Ash and Alex's driftwood wedding arch

    Here are some pictures to warm everyone's hearts on the longest day of the year. My good friend Ash and Alex got married 2 months ago and to celebrate the event I built this driftwood heart arch for the ceremony. I've just got these photos of the bridal arch in the snow which they took back to their house....enjoy :)
    driftwood-wedding-arch_10 driftwood-wedding-arch_18 driftwood-wedding-arch bridal-arch-02 driftwood-wedding-arch-45 driftwood-arch-in-snow driftwood-wedding-arch-3 driftwood-wedding-arch-09
    Here are more driftwood wedding arches for sale or for hire
  • Oak driftwood bed

    Here is the latest driftwood oak bed to roll out of Free Range Designs. The client wanted a darker bed to go with her other furniture, so we selected brown oak for the headboard and side runners. Many thanks for all the helpers to get this one out in the snowstorm :)
    Hi Paul
    We have today taken delivery of the bed you made for us, thank you to you and Suzanne as well as Jules and Ben for our lovely new bed!
    Many thanks again,
    IMGP9282 IMGP9288 IMGP9291 IMGP9292-1 IMGP9292 IMGP9294
  • Latest driftwood bed, storytellers chair and slate dining room table

    Been finishing off these commissions this week, not much time to add descriptions but here are the photo's
    driftwood-bed-kingsize__1_ IMGP9973 driftwood-bed-kingsize__5_ driftwood-bed-kingsize__13_ IMG_8030 IMG_7944 IMGP9935 IMGP9942 IMGP9951
  • Cadair Idris Mountain gets a Giant Storytelling Chair

    I've just come back from helping my brother from Sylvantutch take this chair up to Cadair Idris
    Here is the video I made along the way.
    Here is the link to the full Sylvantutch article

  • Latest Furniture - Giant Story Telling Chair

    We're just finished making this beast of a chair for Whitton School
     giant-driftwood-chair giant-driftwood-storytelling-chair giant-story-telling-chair dragon-chair
    check out more of our giant storytelling chairs here...
  • Brand new flat pack compost toilet

    I'm pleased to announce the completion of the latest compost toilet designHere are some of the pictures the bog standard compost toilet.compost-toilet_7 compost-toilet_11

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