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  • Latest Driftwood Furniture

    Here are some pictures of our latest driftwood furniture, just sent out to happy customers: A giant story telling chair that has gone to Abracadabra Day Nursery in West Sussex; and a double driftwood bed sent to a happy lady in Norfolk.

    The giant storytelling chair is one of the chunkiest yet - they just seem to get bigger and stronger all the time!
    Look out for the double storytelling bench that is going out soon. It will take four people to lift that one!!
    storytelling-chair driftwood-story-chair oak-garden-chair driftwood-bed driftwood-bed
  • Yew driftwood bed for the Pen-y-Bont Hotel

    Another driftwood bed, another happy customer. We've just finished this bed that is going to the owners of the lovely Pen-Y-bont Hotel which has the most majestic location at the Tal-y-llyn lake. Made from yew, sycamore, oak, holly, ash and chestnut. This is only the headboard, the tailboard, slats and runners did not make it into the photo-shoot, but do come with the bed.
    "Wow, what a bed, I mean it's magical, quite majestic." Love & Best Wishes from Brian & Angela Pen-y-Bont Hotel
     BED IMG_9229 IMG_9232 IMG_9259 PastedGraphic-1
  • Sentry box for National Trust, Cliveden Estate,

    We've just come back from delivering a brand new sentry box to the National Trust Cliveden Estate in Buckinghamshire.
    The National Trust commissioned the sentry box as a feature for their new maze which is opening to the public on the 8th April. The sentry box is at the entrance to the new maze, which has been built with 1,100 yew trees. We were allowed a sneak preview of the maze and had fun trying to find our way out again!
    We built the sentry box using traditional oak timber frame techniques, with attractive wooden arches, mortise and tenon joints, cedar shingles for the roof, and an arched oak stable door. The spiral filial on the roof is visible from a long way away and attracts visitors to the maze the moment they enter Cliveden's beautiful walled garden.
    National Trust Project Coordinator Claire Primett said of their new sentry box, "It's so beautiful! Much better than we could have ever imagined."
    Claire contacted us to build the sentry box after having seen our compost toilets on the Free Range Designs web site to ask if we could adapt our designs to meet their requirements for a sentry box. It is true, however, that a structure like this would actually make a rather stunning oak compost toilet! Perhaps they will come back to ask for some timber frame compost toilets to match their new sentry box...
    Here are some pictures of the sentry box, from early construction in the workshop in Wales to the box's final resting place next to the new maze on Cliveden Estate.
    IMG_5805  IMG_5760 IMG_5705 IMG_5687 IMG_5658 IMG_5687 IMG_5705 IMG_5760 IMG_5805-1 IMG_5805IMG_5486 IMG_5326 IMG_5253
  • New Rustic Heart Garden Bench

    Fresh off the press:  this rustic oak garden bench. Made from reclaimed fence posts and sturdy oak planks, this bench is made to last a lifetime in your garden.
  • Giant Friendship Bench

    Sometime it's sad seeing a piece of furniture go....this is one of those occasions when this giant friendship bench left the workshop.
    Made from reclaimed oak this giant storytelling bench weighs a ton. We are sure the children and families of Congleton Children's Centre will enjoy this bench for years to come

    "The children absolutely adore the chair.  You have exceeded our expectations - its beautiful.  The chair will be the centre of our outdoor play area and looks wonderful.  Its amazing what you have done -  you are a very talented man!  We can't thank you enough"
    giant-storytelling-chair OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA giant-storytelling-chair_11 giant-storytelling-chair_9 giant-storytelling-chair_8 giant-storytelling-chair_7 Once-upon-a-time-chair
  • Driftwood Bed Bonanza!!

    I've just finished off the largest single furniture commission I have ever had today: one king size bed, two double beds, a single bed, and a set of bunk beds. I now feel like I need to lie down and rest in one of them! The family for whom I built the beds is delighted with them, and there's a bed for each member of the family: mum and dad, and their four children. They were looking for original driftwood style beds to kit out every bedroom in their new house, and are now talking about commissioning more rustic furniture to deck out their holiday cottages. Watch this space.
    But for now, as you can see in the background, I've still got a sentry box to complete for a maze in the National Trust Cliveden Garden, Buckinghamshire. I look forward to seeing the sentry box in situ when I deliver it next week, and will post pictures when I get back.
    Paul Bullen
    Free Range Designs
    Tel - 077 594 39658
  • Once Upon a Time...

    Sometime it's sad seeing a piece of furniture go....this is one of those occasions when this giant friendship bench left the workshop.
    Made from reclaimed oak this giant storytelling bench weighs a ton. We are sure the pupils of Congleton Children's Centre will enjoy this bench for years to come...
    once-upon-a-time-chair once-upon-a-time-chair2 once-upon-a-time-chair4
  • Another Oak Driftwood Bed

    We've just finished another oak bed for another happy customer today. This bed has a lovely organic feel to it, made from driftwood, oak gate posts and a burr oak for the backboard and tailboard.


    Here is the mail from Nav the customer.


    Thanks again mate, all put together and it looks amazing in the room, like it has been there years.
    Nice meeting you guys too and hopefully meet again soon....
    Take care 
    Nav and Dwynwen 


    driftwood-oak-bed driftwood-oak-bed_2 driftwood-oak-bed_3 driftwood-oak-bed_4 driftwood-oak-bed_5 driftwood-oak-bed_6
  • Driftwood beds come in all shapes and sizes!

    The first driftwood bed I ever made was meant to be for my wife and me. It was built in time for our wedding day but never installed in our bedroom because some friends pointed out that, with us soon expecting a baby, a double bed would not be big enough. So we bought a king size mattress and the double driftwood bed frame was sold to someone else. (My wife and I are still sleeping on a make shift bed base hurriedly knocked together in time for the new mattress and new baby …)

    We then started to get orders for king size and super king size driftwood bed frames, from families larger than ours, and so the design of the beds was modified and adapted accordingly. Many of our new designs are driven by customer requests for personal variations on existing products, and nowhere more so than with our driftwood beds. We’ve received requests for beds to be of a specific height to fit in an enclosed space or for the wood used to make the bed to be of a certain colour to match existing bedroom furniture. Most recently we had an order from a couple wanting a new bed for every member of their family, and so came the first single driftwood bed frame and first set of driftwood bunk beds! We are always keen to build new designs so don’t hesitate to contact us with your dream bed idea.
    Here are the Driftwood Beds made from 2010-2011...
    rustic-driftwood-beds rustic-driftwood-beds_2 rustic-driftwood-beds_3 rustic-driftwood-beds_4 rustic-driftwood-beds_5 rustic-driftwood-beds_6 rustic-driftwood-beds_7 rustic-driftwood-beds_8 rustic-driftwood-beds_9 rustic-driftwood-beds_10 rustic-driftwood-beds_11
  • New on-line shop!

    Freerangedesigns.co.uk started out in January 2010 with an on-line gallery and shop that was a great launch pad for our products and served us well. A year on, however, we decided to invest in our website to make it more customer friendly, with easier site navigation facilities, additional product information and a wider number of secure payment options, including Paypal and Google Checkout. The new website went live on 7th March 2011, and it’s now easier than ever to browse and buy the driftwood bed, storytelling chair or slate dining room table you have been dreaming of.

    We welcome your feedback on the new site. Please let us know if you encounter any problems and we’ll iron them out as quickly as we can. We hope you enjoy the new site!


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