Some of our Creations

  • Oak Friendship Bench for School

    Here is our latest Oak Heart Bench, created for Woodbridge School in Suffolk, as a beautiful addition to the school's storytelling area.

    The school chose to have "Friendship" engraved on the bench (added after this picture was taken) and they were very pleased with the results:

    "Hi Suzanne, It has arrived! It looks fantastic – I will send you a photo when it is in situ. Many thanks, Melissa"

    Handmade in our workshop in Wales, this bench is made from 100% oak and works equally well as a bench in the garden or as storytelling furniture in the school playground. 


    garden-bench garden-bench
  • Gypsy Caravan Shepherd's Hut

    We are really excited about building our first wooden Gypsy Caravan style Shepherd's Hut - the perfect partner to our Gypsy Caravan composting toilet.

    Glamping is now a very familiar term to describe camping in style and comfort, and is increasingly popular with holiday makers looking for an alternative holiday experience in the countryside.

    This Shepherd's Hut is being built with the same attractive A-line shape and bow-top roof as the Gypsy compost toilet and will be able to accommodate two to three people.

    Please contact us if you are interested in commissioning a Gypsy Caravan Shepherd's Hut for your glamping site.

    gypsy-caravanshepards hut toilet shepards hut
  • Compost toilets with outdoor - and indoor - charm!

    Here are some photos of one of our Gypsy Caravan Compost Toilets and Outdoor Shower, that have recently been installed on a camping and caravan site in Berwick upon Tweed.

    This customer has gone all out to give her wooden toilet and shower structures some unique style, with funky wall paper, mosaic tiling, curtains and two-tone external paint job.

    Who wouldn't feel special using these unique facilities?

    Check out our full range of toilets here.

    glampsite compost toilet compost toilet with urinal compost loo campsite-shower composting-toilet-for-campsite compost toilet and shower unitshower-and-compost-toilet
  • Friendship Bench - Fun for All!

    Here are some pictures we've just received from Fort Community Centre in Edinburgh, who are delighted with their new Storytelling Bench and are using it in some rather unexpected ways!

    "Hi Suzanne, I just wanted to let you know we have received the storytelling chair. It’s exceeds my expectations, it really is beautiful ... Yesterday was our first day of good weather since it has been installed and you’ll see from the pictures the children & staff had a fabulous time ‘using it for all sorts of things’. Thanks again for this beautiful additional to our community garden!! Kind Regards, Caithleen" Friendship Bench Splits

    Friendship Bench 3Friendship Bench 1

    Frienship Bench 2



  • Just back from North Wales where we have installed a urine diverting compost toilet for a client.

    "Just a quick one to say thanks for the great job you did constructing our new loo.

    Loo is amazing and lovely design. A long awaited and much appreciated installation! Here it is in morning splendour!

    Thanks so much"


  • New We-Pee website for selling urine separators

    We are please to unveil the new website www.we-pee.com for selling our urine separator. we-pee logo

    We-pee is a website selling urine separators for composting toilets. We created this website to promote our urine separators made by our main company Free Range Designs.  We have been making and selling compost toilets for over ten years now and this urine diverter is the culmination of all those years of research and development. When we first started making compost toilets, we were unhappy with the urine separator available on the market at the time, the Separett Privy 500. We bought a couple and were disappointed with the quality and the small diameter of the pipe. There was also a grid at the bottom of the pipe that  kept getting blocked with sawdust. With a commission to build two compost toilets for a client, we had a problem. So we headed off to the workshop and started messing about with molds and plastic forming. After several attempts we came up with a suitable diverter that worked and was custom made to suit our compost toilets designs. Once we established the perfect design we then created a mold and had the separators professionally engineered. Since then we have made slight changes over the years as we have received feedback from our customers and are now 100% happy with our design. The We-pee urine separator is the result of all those years of testing and installation. we-pee urine separator

  • Bespoke Rustic Oak Bed

    Here is a testimonial from a very happy customer who just received her super king Rustic Oak Driftwood Bed. We love seeing where our furniture ends up, and this bed was built to Shelley's exact dimensions, so that it would fit in her bedroom perfectly, with an extra high rail at the foot end of the bed to throw her duvet over.

    "Well what can I say – it is absolutely fabulous and I am over the moon with it, it is a stunning piece of craftsmanship which I hope will become a family heirloom.  It is just as I imagined it would be, only better and we certainly didn’t want to get out of it this morning!  It arrived as promised yesterday afternoon and I just want to say a big ‘thank you’ to both of you for such a quick and amazingly efficient service, I very much appreciated your photos of the bed in progress and your constant feedback - and the end rail is just the right height – not a mm out!  The pale colour is perfect! Unfortunately the camera doesn’t have a wide angle lens, but I think you’ll agree it still looks fab in situ. Thank you both again, you should be very proud of your work. Best wishes, Shelley"

    rustic oak bed
  • Outdoor Shower Unit for Campsite

    We have just returned from Herefordshire where we have installed our first set of outdoor shower cubicles for a new campsite, alongside a triple composting toilet block.

    We are delighted to have our first shower units up and running after having had many enquiries from glamping and camping sites looking for an attractive wooden shower hut to go alongside their compost toilets. 

    Housed in an attractive wooden building to complement the natural surroundings, and powered by gas, these shower units are supplied with everything you need to jump under the shower straight away.  All that is required is a cold water supply and a gas bottle, which makes these showers ideal for off-grid and remote locations.

    The water heater is a fully adjustable LPG device, providing constant hot water; turning on the tap ignites the burner, making it very simple to use.

    Outdoor shower  specifications:

    • Single shower unit floor footprint is 800cm x 800cm
    • Sturdy cubicle construction clad in rustic waney edge timber
    • Clear roof to maximise natural light
    • Internal wooden changing bench
    • Free draining floor
    • Covered front porch area
    • Wood manufactured from locally sourced timber in Wales


    More info about our outdoor shower here

    campsite shower cubicle glamping shower glampsite shower glamping outdoor shower outdoor shower outdoor shower cubicle for glampsite
  • Storytelling at Mach Comedy Fest

    Mach Comedy Festival

    "The Machynlleth Comedy Festival is probably the best small comedy festival in the world!" Rhod Gilbert, comedian

    We are delighted that such a fantastic comedy festival takes place in our very own town of Machynlleth, where last weekend hundreds of comedy fans came to have a laugh.

    We lent one of Giant Storytelling Chairs to the children's festival tent for a lively storytelling session in aid of a local charity, the Machynlleth Community Children's Project.

    Storytelling is an intrinsic part of many comedy sketches and a great way to include children in the weekend comedy extravangaza. The session organisers were thrilled to have the giant story chair as a focal point for the storytelling and we'll definitely be making another appearance at the festival next year.

    Mach Comedy Storytelling ChairMach Comedy Storytelling

  • The Art of Carpentry

    The team here at Free Range Designs has recently run a very successful wood furniture making course. We’ve always believed that crafting wooden furniture is more of an art-form rather than a profession reserved for the elite; we want everyone to be able to use their imagination and create beautiful, functional pieces. 


    Carpentry has existed in one form or another since the dawn of mankind’s tool-using abilities. In fact, it is widely thought that the object used in the groundbreaking moment of our ancestors' newfound discovery was a simple wooden stick. Since then woodwork has been an integral part of our species’ skills-set, from building shelters and houses to bridges and instruments – not to mention beautiful storytelling chairs, handmade wooden beds, or literally anything else you can imagine!


    The first and perhaps most important stage for any form of carpentry is the design. This is where all the lavish plans are forged and where all the serious planning takes place. Often the ideas begin grandiose and unburdened as the artist’s mind is allowed to run wild; but then the plans gradually become more succinct as the notion of practicality comes to the fore. There is also an important element of mathematics behind the designs as although we love curves and organic lines it is nevertheless very important that pieces match up precisely, to avoid creating wonky furniture!



    The next stage in the process is sourcing the correct tools and materials to carry out the work. These will vary vastly from project to project, depending on the goals and aesthetic of the woodwork. There are various types of timber that could suffice but to create a truly great piece of furniture the perfect type of timber has to be selected.

    And then it is a matter of selecting the right tools for the job, and with handmade items there will often be a combination of tools, ranging from saws and axes to chisels and planes, at work.


    The concluding stage is the construction and finish. At this point you’re responsible for translating the design and vision into a practical, useable piece of furniture. This is where all the planning and work done prior to the construction pays off and a high level of precision can be achieved.


    All the basic cuts, mitres and joints have to be made, and then the whole thing must be attentively pieced together. A great deal of time goes into working the wood, and everything is handled with the utmost care to avoid any splintering or impairment. Then the final touches are put in place and the furniture is ready for use.

    Now relax, feel that pure satisfaction, and take pride in your creation.

    At Free Range Designs we’re dedicated to creating the very best bespoke wooden furniture and if you want to learn our techniques at first-hand then come along to one of our courses! Our experienced team consistently put these processes into practice to achieve the perfect product for our customers. To learn more about any of our products or the way we work, please contact us or give us a call on 07759439658.

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