Some of our Creations

  • Quirky Quality

    Nowadays, it can be incredibly difficult to find unique, hand-crafted furniture that will give your home a wonderful, whimsical design that’s full of character.

    However, here at Free Range Designs we specialise in providing special, handmade and sustainable furniture that gives you the quality and style that you deserve.

    Handcrafted Beds

    hobbit bed

    If you want something different from the lifeless, mass-produced beds you will find in furniture stores, our handmade wooden beds are for you. Our beds are made from reclaimed wood and driftwood, and will fill your home with the character you desire. By choosing a high quality, handmade wooden bed, you are choosing an eco-friendly option that gives you full control of how your room will look.

    Handmade Tables

    Picnic Bench 2

    Our reclaimed wooden tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions. Whether you need something for the side of your bed, a dining table or even a chess table, we’ve got something to suit you. Our tables are far more than just something to put things on or store things in, they will allow you to develop an interior design for your home that is completely unique to you.

    Storytelling Chairs


    Whether you use them in a nursery, your garden or your living room, our storytelling chairs help to bring your stories to life. These chairs will transform your home into something that could be out of a story book, and allow you to relax in your individual, handcrafted home that simply can’t be replicated by any magazine or showroom.

    Garden Benches

    oak garden bench

    Quirky, quality home design does not have to be restricted by what’s inside of your home – your garden can become a fairytale wonderland with our garden benches. Handcrafted from environmentally sustainable materials, our benches allow you to create a romantic, individual setting to relax, unwind and enjoy the wonder of nature.

    Wall Hangings


    Nothing finishes off a quirky, individual home design like our handmade wall hangings. Lovingly handcrafted, our wall hangings range from mirrors to dreamcatchers, and will provide the perfect finishing touches to your home.

    Our handmade furniture can help you breathe some life back into your home, creating a space full of individuality and creativity. Explore our website today to see our full range of lovingly handcrafted furniture, or contact us by calling 077 594 39658 for more information.

  • Plans to build a Compost Toilet for Campsite

    Here is an excellent example of a Bog Standard compost toilet built from our DIY plans by Wardley Hill Campsite, Norfolk.

    The Bog Standard uses our innovative urine separator that separates the urine from the solids and keeps the toilet odour-free and healthy. Researched and designed by us, the urine separator is a nifty little piece of plastic that is attached with runners or screws to the bottom of the compost toilet seat platform, for hassle free urine separation and excellent composting results.


    Whether you run a glamping site, are a member of an allotment association, or have a remote site requiring toilet facilities, these plans contain everything you need if you fancy building your own compost loo. An easy to follow, step by step guide that we have put together ourselves, containing all the knowledge we have acquired through our search for the perfect design of attractive, low-cost, waterless composting toilet.

    Also available are the DIY plans to build the Gypsy Caravan compost loo and the Compost Toilet with Disabled Access. You can order a copy of the plans to build your our compost toilet here.

    Plans include:

    1. Construction guide from beginning to end 2. Photographs and illustrations throughout 3. Materials you need and a guide to where to get them and how much they cost 4. Complete cutting list of all the timber you will need 5. Siting suggestions 6. Tips on urine separation and how to produce the perfect compost

  • In Touch With Nature

    Right now, one of the most popular interior design concepts is the ideal of a natural, clean and holistic home, filled with and inspired by nature.

    This design concept takes inspiration from fairytales and storybooks, and draws on a basic colour palette and the use of natural materials. At Free Range Designs, we love helping you to create the home of your dreams, so here are some suggestions of things you can do to make your home in touch with nature.

     hobbit table

    Colour Scheme

    For a tranquil, nature-inspired interior design, it’s a good idea to use a basic natural palette for your colour scheme, in order to make sure all of the elements tie in well together. For instance using gentle greys, whites and blues for base wall colours, with touches of charcoal black.

    For soft furnishings and accents, take inspiration from all you would see out in the open and combine this with your personal tastes. Colours such as yellow, green, light brown, pastel pink and floral shades will all work well to accomplish this theme.

     hobbit bed


    When furnishing your home with a theme of nature in mind, it is important that wherever possible you use natural materials, particularly wood. This will work to complement the fairytale-inspired, holistic look and create a pleasing, comfortable environment to live in.

    Introducing furniture that enhances the feeling of whimsy and quirkiness will also help to accomplish this look, as well as creating focal points for your rooms. Pieces such as driftwood beds, handmade dining tables and bespoke seating that retain the natural curves and character of the wood used to make them will all contribute to a truly natural feeling home.



    Accents and accessories are the finishing touches to any home or interior design, and choosing the right accent pieces will help you to perfectly complete your nature-inspired spaces.

    Handmade items made from ethically sourced and natural materials, such as driftwood hearts, driftwood mirrors and dream-catchers, will all enhance your fairytale design, whilst also matching your furniture. These natural wall hangings will help you to complete your home and turn it into a place where you can relax, unwind and be at one with nature.

    Explore our website for ideas on how you could bring your home in touch with nature, or contact us, to discuss your ideas, tel: 077 594 39658.

  • Oak Cabin Bed with 18 Super Slick Push Drawers



    Here are some photos of the cabin bed we just completed for a client who wanted a bed with serious storage space. 18 super slick push to open drawers, 9 on each side of the cabin bed. Now you can have that zen space all around your bedroom.


    Have a look at more of our handmade wooden beds and the cabin storage bed

  • Driftwood Banister and Stairs

    We have just returned from installing this driftwood oak banister in Reading. The client wanted to replace her straight normal banister with something more rustic and charming. So she called the specialist wibbly wobbly  carpenters to make her a funky hobbit styled banister.

    We had a good time making this, thanks Lucy and Ben.

    driftwood banisterdriftwood banister driftwood banisterdriftwood-stair-banister driftwood-stair-banister_2 driftwood-banister protoypye
  • Creating a Unique Wedding Rooted in Nature

    As spring and summer edge closer and closer, the wedding season will soon be upon us, and the trend for outdoor weddings is getting more popular year upon year.

    Whether you are getting married on the beach, in your garden or in your favourite local park, at Free Range Designs we have the perfect furniture to add a magical, fairytale touch to your outdoor ceremony.

    Wedding Arches

    Natural Wedding Archdriftwood-wedding-arch_26

    If you want a down-to-earth, quirky ceremony nestled in nature, then an outdoor wedding is perfect for you, and our handcrafted wedding arches create the perfect scene for you to say your vows.

    Wedding arches provide a great focal point and can be personalised by weaving flowers or special messages through them. The beauty of these arches is that they can become a stunning memento of your day, and can be relocated to your garden or outdoor space to be a constant reminder of the day your happy ever after began.

    Wedding Thrones


    Whether you need seating for your ceremony or reception, our storytelling chairs will make you feel like fairytale princes and princesses. Forged in all sorts of designs, these chairs can become the focal point of any occasional setting, and will be particularly useful for the bride and groom if you choose to have readings or performances during your ceremony.

  • Everything is Possible

     “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible’!”

    - Audrey Hepburn

    One of the most popular questions asked all over the world is ‘what do you do?’ which of course refers to your occupation. For many, this question comes with a certain weight of trepidation and pressure, for us though it is one of the most satisfying questions to answer. And when Wickes asked us what we do, we were more than happy to go one step further and show them.

    As you will see in the video below, what we do is a little different and the whole process relies entirely on creativity. From seeing the finished product in the driftwood strewn around the Dyfi estuary, to adding the finishing touches to our furniture, the most important aspect is creativity.

    Creation is what we live for, and being able to make a living from it makes it all the sweeter!

    For a little closer look at how we do it, press play on the video below and sit back and enjoy...


    Specialising in the unique requires that we must put convention firmly in its place on a daily basis, choosing rather to take the route less travelled.

    If you enjoyed our video then please take the time to share it and help to spread the message about what we do.

    Thank you.


  • "Once upon a time there was a teacher looking for a special chair...

    Once upon a time there there was a teacher who wanted to read a magical story to her class of children. To read her story, she wanted to sit upon a seat that would inspire the same mystery and wonder she hoped to get across in her tale. The teacher was looking for a natural, wooden seat, full of character and charm that she could use in her classroom or outside in the playground. A playground chair, a story time chair, an enchanting focal piece from which the story will unfold ...

    Once upon a time chairs are here to be found.

    once-upon-a-time-chair-01 handmade-playground-chairschool-playground-chairs-and-stools carved-storytellin-chair_32 angel-once-upon-a-time-playground-chair story-telling-chair-01 school-playground-chairs playground-story-chair playground-bench once-upon-a-time-playground-storytelling-chair once-upon-a-time-playground-chair02 once-upon-a-time-playground-chair once-upon-a-time-playground-bench once-upon-a-time-wooden-chair

  • New Garden Bench for Spring 2015

    The first snowdrops are starting to appear and with them the promise of spring being not too far away. As we dream hopefully of warmer weather to come, we've been working on new outdoor furniture designs, and here is our latest Garden Bench.

    Designed with a similar playful feel to our Pixie storytelling chair, this two seater outdoor bench will provide a space for contemplation and relaxation in any garden, park or school playground area. Bring on the sun - we're ready for you!

    wooden garden bench

  • Four Poster Bed for Yurt

    We just received these photos of a four poster bed that we made for a glamping site in Northumbria. The bed is made from silver birch thinnings and we tried to keep as many of the branches intact as possible. Designing furniture for yurts also meant that the back posts of the bed were lower that the front posts.

    "Just sending you an image of your amazing bed. We love it and so do all our beds"

    Very best wishes, 


    Yurt Bed

    Have a look at more of our handmade wooden beds here


    Wild Northumbrian

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