Outdoor Shower Unit for Campsite

We have just returned from Herefordshire where we have installed our first set of outdoor shower cubicles for a new campsite, alongside a triple composting toilet block.

We are delighted to have our first shower units up and running after having had many enquiries from glamping and camping sites looking for an attractive wooden shower hut to go alongside their compost toilets. 

Housed in an attractive wooden building to complement the natural surroundings, and powered by gas, these shower units are supplied with everything you need to jump under the shower straight away.  All that is required is a cold water supply and a gas bottle, which makes these showers ideal for off-grid and remote locations.

The water heater is a fully adjustable LPG device, providing constant hot water; turning on the tap ignites the burner, making it very simple to use.

Outdoor shower  specifications:

  • Single shower unit floor footprint is 800cm x 800cm
  • Sturdy cubicle construction clad in rustic waney edge timber
  • Clear roof to maximise natural light
  • Internal wooden changing bench
  • Free draining floor
  • Covered front porch area
  • Wood manufactured from locally sourced timber in Wales


More info about our outdoor shower here

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2 thoughts on “Outdoor Shower Unit for Campsite”

  • Sam Osman

    Hello there, was wondering how much the shower hut is please?

    thank you

    Sam Osman

    • admin

      Hello Natasha

      Thanks for your enquiry. I have just read it now. Apologies or the slow reply. If you could let me know which shower unit you are interested in then I can send you a quote. Thanks



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