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  • Sunrise Bed

    Our latest shiny happy sunrise bed! Built for a customer in Angus, Scotland, here's a picture of the bed in its new home.

    "We have received and erected our new bed, love it to bits." Brian

    The Sunrise Bed is a great illustration of how varied beds can be in their design and how effective the use of different coloured woods can be to illustrate a concept.

    See the full range of our handmade wooden beds here, or contact us with your bespoke bed ideas.

  • Nightmare Before Christmas Bed

    We actively encourage customers to come to us with their bespoke designs and whacky bed ideas, and every now and again we get a really unusual request ...... If you're familiar with Tim Burton films, then you'll recognise immediately where the inspiration for this incredible bed comes from.

    A previous customer of ours called Sharron was looking for a new bed. Sharron had bought one of our handmade wooden beds before but now wanted a new bed as her mother had fallen in love with the original Constellations Bed and appropriated it.

    Sharron loves Tim Burton films, in particular A Nightmare Before Christmas, and asked us to make her a bed on the theme of Tim Burton's famous movie. That's as far as the brief went; Sharron left the rest of the design up to us, and the bed you see here is what we came up with.

    The design went down really well and Sharron was delighted with the final product:  "Omg it's beautiful thank you so much xx"

    This bed is an excellent example of how any dream can be turned into a reality, so don't be shy to contact us with your crazy bed ideas and we can help make them come true.

  • Happy New Year, Happy New Bed, Happy New Workshop

    Our new flame bed in our new workshop in the new year. Neat Hey!

    flame bed
  • Disabled Access Compost Toilet for Walled Garden

    We have just delivered and installed this compost toilet with disabled access for a community garden in Mid-Wales. The head gardener at the Ty Glyn Davis Trust Holiday Centre was looking for a waterless toilet to replace the ugly blue Portaloo that was at the entrance to their beautiful walled garden. The Trust provides fully accessible self-catering holiday accommodation for people with special needs and so our disabled access toilet was the perfect solution.

    The compost toilet has been made to comply with disabled access regulations and has the following specifications:

    • Wheelchair accessible ramp
    • Large turning space inside the toilet
    • Grab rails
    • Hand sanitiser
    • Wipe down walls and floor
    • Water-less urinal
    • Urine diverted to soak-away


    Featuring our very own urine separator and wheelie bin design, this toilet is the perfect way to close the nutrients loop and keep feeding the earth that feeds us.

    Find out more about our disabled access compost toilets.


    disabled toilet for allotment garden compost toilet box urine-divertor-toilet
  • Storytelling chairs for school playground

    Making storytelling chairs for schools is one of the most rewarding and creative aspects of our work. We all know how important children's imaginations are for cognitive development. Children do not move, think or speak in a straight line, and neither does imagination nor creativity.

    So  our wonky, weird and wonderful storytelling furniture can only ignite children's imaginations and creativity. And what better way of sparking the imagination that to sit outside under a tree and listen to a story?

    Continue reading

  • Guide to Using your Compost Toilet

    We though it might be helpful to publish on-line our User's Guide to Free Range Compost Toilets, which we send out to all new compost toilet clients.

    dinosaur pooGetting Started

    For the composting process to work well, there are some key ingredients that should be added into the mix, but the exact ‘recipe’ you use will depend on what you have most readily available. Continue reading

  • Fairy Tree House and Archway in a Magical Wood!

    We have just received these photos back from Anne at Studfold Aventure Nature Trail where we installed  a magical gateway and four fairy tree houses that formed part of the nature  trail though some enchanted woodland.

    What lies behind the gate? Thresholds and entrances have a deep-set place in myth, in our psychology and in our sense of place and are vitals parts of the architecture of any space. The arch in the picture was crafted for the entrance to the nature trail, a place where children can explore the natural world and fairy fantasies.

    The fairy village was crafted to be nestle among four beech trees next to a lovely stream. Thanks to Anne for commissioning this exciting project, we hope to be back next year to fulfills more fantasies and make dreams a reality. Continue reading

  • Talking, Farting, Singing Chair for the Machynlleth Comedy Festival

    Nothing makes us happier than making furniture. Well apart from making funny furniture. Ok, well apart from making funny furniture for our local Machynlleth Comedy Festival.

    We were commissioned to make a giant Talking Chair by local arts organization Articulture, who were tasked to find local artists and craftspeople to create a series of "Moments of Magic" around Machynlleth during this year's festival.

    We really had a lot of fun working on this project. Our storytelling chairs are often designed for use in schools but when asked to make an interactive talking chair for our town's comedy festival we jumped at the opportunity to create something new, and to play around with audio as well as wood. We had to quickly learn as much as possible about interactive microchips that allowed us to play sounds when triggers were set off. After extensive research online we ordered the right chips and speakers and got to building the chair out of wood, then had a lot of fun finding and recording the right sounds.

    The chair has a motion sensor below the seat that is triggered when people, or dogs, go past, with sounds ranging from a loud fart, to a dog barking, to hilarious laughter. Then when you sit on the chair a new set of audio starts.

    You can choose if the chair is happy, sad, or you can put your own face through the hole in the back.

    Once we had moved the chair to site and got it installed (it must be the heaviest chair we have ever made) we sat back to watch the fun unfold. We had no expectations but were blown away by the audience interaction. The chair proved to be popular day and night with young, old and dogs. We have had really positive feedback from everyone we have talked to.

    We thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of making this chair and can see ourselves getting more and more involved in creating interactive furniture in the future.

    Contact Us if you would like commission something similar .


    talking comedy chair Dan, Ben and Paul
    talking chair
  • Compost Toilet for Community Garden

    This summer we went down to the Green Backyard community gardens in Peterborough to install a disabled compost toilet for them. The Green Backyard is a vibrant community growing project in the heart of Peterborough. They have transformed this once derelict former allotment site into a beautiful and productive community garden that is open to everyone.

    As we are both passionate about sustainability and the need to raise awareness of environmental issues, this installation of a disabled compost toilet was a meeting of minds. Making  and installing compost toilets for gardeners is the perfect way to close the loop and return the goodness back to the garden.

    Our main website has more details about our disabled access compost toilet here and standard compost toilets here.

    disabled compost loo disabled compost toilet in garden community garden compost loo disabled access compost toilet
  • Long Time no Post

    Its been a wonderful hot summer here in sunny Wales. Way to hot to even think about sitting down to write a blog. Luckily things have changed somewhat and it is now cool enough to sit inside and give you some photo of what has happened. Roll on winter for some serious non stop blogging :-)

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