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Reclaimed Furniture from Free Range Designs

Free Range Designs showcases innovative eco furniture made from reclaimed and environmentally friendly materials. On this site you will find a wide variety of reclaimed furniture, from king size driftwood beds and majestic slate dining room tables, to giant school storytelling chairs, funky compost toilets, and huge driftwood heart wall hangings. When you’re looking reclaimed furniture, come to Free Range Designs! Everything is handmade individually to order and we welcome bespoke designs – please contact us with any questions.

At Free Range Designs, we have been creating handmade and bespoke reclaimed furniture for over a decade. We believe in only using materials that are sustainably sourced, and have the lowest enviomental impact. All of our reclaimed furniture designs are inspired by the wonders of the natural world.  The beautiful shapes of the reclaimed materials used in our furniture reflect our approach of being guided by nature .

Enjoy looking!

  • Storytelling chairs for school playground

    Making storytelling chair for schools for us is one of the most rewarding and creative woodworking that  we  do. We all know how important children's imagination is for cognitive development and what better way of sparking the imagination that to

  • Guide to using your Compost Toilet

    I've decided to publish the guide to using your compost toilet that we send out to client to help them get come to terms with owning a compost toilet. Getting Started For the composting process to work well, there are some key ingredients that sho

  • Fairy Tree House and Archway in a Magical Wood!

    We have just received these photos back from Anne at Studfold Aventure Nature Trail where we installed  a magical gateway and four fairy tree houses that formed part of the nature  trail though some enchanted woodland. What lies behind the gate?